Company Profile
Hebei Kangsen Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of automation equipment, production and sales, and its products are oriented to the entire Asia-Pacific region. Additional: (export all kinds of mechanical hardware products, etc.). The company always takes product quality as the core and service-oriented as its responsibility. As a supplier of domestic outdoor machinery products and application solutions, it has always been at the forefront of the development of the machinery automation industry and has maintained good strategic cooperation with internationally renowned machinery and automation manufacturers for a long time. Partnerships.
The company's main products are: welding rod weighing and counting machine, packaging sealing and cutting machine.

Enterprise purpose: For all customers, for all customers,Forge ahead and continue to innovate.

Enterprise spirit: today's quality, tomorrow's market.

Hebei Kangsen Electromechanical Technology Service Provider
The company adheres to the tenet of quality and service first, carefully designing, scientific management, and strict production according to customer needs
Value for money
Trustworthy brand
professional service
Designed for customer needs, solving small and medium-sized enterprises The input-output ratio has won the praise of our customers
Serving small and medium-sized enterprises from beginning to end, helping them to improve
For tt corporate reputation
Years of design experience, products run through every industry
Outdoor covering multiple cities
Always take product quality as the core and service first as
Employed, adhere to the business philosophy of independent innovation
Focus on user experience, one-stop and effortless
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